Wednesday, August 15, 2012

First Poster

In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious The Mosterciful..

Only to Allah I lay upon my worries, my sorrows. Only He truly understands the content of my heart and only He truly listens.

While driving my car back from kl to temerloh this morning, my favourite song by native deen was on my car music player. It has been a long time since I last listen to this song, and listening to it as I drove nearer to the hospital makes me.feel totally helpless in this life. But only by believing in Him, gives me the strength to carry on this journey.

" when they ask about Me (oh muhammad), my servants I am near. Have no doubts about Me, and know I hear your prayer. Take one step towards me and I'll come running to you."

Being a first poster (meaning you are currently doing your first posting as houseman) is tough. You go to work everyday feeling really blurry about what you are supposed to do that day and feeling really anxious and scared at the same time thinking if you can manage to do your work properly without looking too blur to your disadvantage.

In the working world, in order for you to be able to survive you have to forget all you comfort zones. You have to have thick face and you have to have temporary amnesia but however still manage to recall everything about your patients. The above skills are required because having temporary amnesia and thick face will help you to endure all kind of scoldings from your superior. No matter how hard you got scolded you just need to swallow them down, hard and continue your work as if nothing has happened.


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