Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Caveman era

In The Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful

It has been a week since the computer system of our hospital broke down. Now we are back to doing work manually.

For those who like me started working with the computer system, it's quite difficult for us to cope in the beginning. We were used to have all the investigations keyed into the system, updated and reviewed there. Now everything have to be sent by ourselves, traced and reviewed by ourselves.

Many problems surfaced since the system broke down..

There are the untraceable investigations results, lost without trail. there are also the investigations results that were sent pre-operatively, but came back after the patient has already finished the operation.. ( i guess those investigations were not really indicated for the procedure, otherwise the surgeon would have surely waited for it) and there were those investigations that came back after we have already discharged the patient..

Everyone is getting impatience.. work gets slower and becoming less efficient. Bosses are getting angrier as things get slower as compared to previous. Housemen who are not familiar with the manual system, are getting confused and had to work much harder.

Lots of things (documents, records) from the old days where they were used manually, had to be dug up from the storage room and spread on the counter. Things have becoming really messy nowadays, as previously when we were using the computers, all the papers and documents were banished and more or less destroyed. But now, they are filling up the counter and cupboards and we don't have as much space accommodate.

though the system was really slow back then, taking ages to upload things, and sometimes when you want to save your entries, it freezes and all your entries lost; but i really missed it. I hope the hospital management would work something up soon..


Saturday, September 22, 2012

To find passion and sincerity

Salam to all readers,

It has been 2 months since i last posted anything.. i am currently in my 3rd month of housemanship. Still doing surgical posting and hoping that this posting would end pretty soon. My colleagues have been wonderful.. but there are days where i would have nightmares, not being able to sleep properly at night and jumping out of bed early in the morning to get to work ,  not because i am excited to go to work but because i am nervous and worried.. these usually happens when a certain specialist is oncall.. on those days , going through the morning rounds would feel like entering a battlefield. I have to prepared mentally and physically. Prepared for his abuse..

I heard that when he is in OT he is worst. I have never been into his ot yet and i am grateful , alhamdulillah. There was once the possibility of me becoming endangered, but my kind MOs picked another houseman who is a male and much2 stronger than me to assist the specialist.. I am thankful..

With that kind of working environment, it is very hard to find passion in what I am doing.. and i find it difficult to be sincere too.. i get annoyed easily nowadays.. it's hard to keep yourself to be attentive to patients when the people around you are also feeling the same way as you do, annoyed.. a lot of times i have to remind myself that I need to be sincere in my heart when attending patients..

I wish that i could finish this posting soon.. i still have my midposting assessment, logbook to fill up and finally , end of posting assessment before i could leave this posting.. may Allah ease.. inshaAllah

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