Sunday, June 30, 2013

1 year of housemanship

Alhamdulillah..all praise be to Allah for I am now entering my 2nd year of housemanship.
I've completed training in 3 postings so far; surgery, o&g n medical.

I've liked o&gn medical.
They both have their own bittersweet memories.

O&G provides me with all sorts of drama during my 4 months there.
I feel so blessed to be able to see newborn babies greet the world with their loud cries. Seeing the tears of joy of the mothers and the wide, proud smiles of the fathers.
I have also been in situations where i have to break the news to mothers whose baby need to be admitted into the NICU for observation. I have also been in a situation where my specialist had to break the news to a mother that her first baby had died.

Medical taught me to really work up my mind as a doctor.
As housemen we have to clerk patients and come up with diagnosis n identify other issues that the patient have and plan our management to tackle those issues.
In medical the MOs and specialists are nice and sometimes you could discuss about patients' management with your superiors without fear unlike in other departments where housemen were deemed invinsible and unimportant.
I love that about medical.

1 year as a houseman has really taught me a lot but i think i've learnt the most from the medical department.

 My next stop would be paediatics.

I've heard all about the taunting horros of paeds.
Im trying to keep my mind positive until 2nd of july which would be my first day.
It's back to tagger's life again.. Oooh

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The hungry ones

In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

Only He is the greater provider. To Him we pray and ask for help.

I was having dinner with my husband the other day. We were only recently married and I wanted to treat him to something special so I brought him to a Secret Recipe's restaurant.

We ordered dinner and I chose a piece of creme brulee cheesecake (a new addition to the various SR's cheesecakes) for us to share.

While enjoying our dinner, I began to feel really full and started playing with my food, having most of it goes into my husband's mouth instead of mine.

Unable to finish the piece of cheesecake, I told him that I was full.

He made a remark which urges me to write this post today..

He said, "Honey, we cannot waste this food. We are lucky that we are able to eat today at this expensive place. There are people who are unable to eat even once a day."

Hearing that, I quickly realised how ungrateful I've been and thinking of all the people who are starving all over the world, All praises belong to Allah for the food that I am able to eat today.

I picked up the fork and finished up the cake (with most of it went into my husband's mouth :p)

We live in a very luxurious country where there is plenty of food available anytime and anywhere.

Everytime we stuffed our faces with food have ever stopped and imagine the faces of the hungry ones all over the world?

Imagine the children with their bony faces, swollen stomach and legs so skinny you are afraid they could be broken by only touching it.

As a muslim, it's our duty to help those in need. If today you received extra blessings from Allah, extra money, extra food, clothes or whatever, put aside some to help the poor first before you start thinking of buying all those expensive things that you actually don't really need.

Good deeds are our tickets into heaven, not those expensive clothing and gadgets.

Lastly, let me share with you a song from my favourite band that actually inspires me to write this post..

Native Deen Hungry Ones

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Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Caveman era

In The Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful

It has been a week since the computer system of our hospital broke down. Now we are back to doing work manually.

For those who like me started working with the computer system, it's quite difficult for us to cope in the beginning. We were used to have all the investigations keyed into the system, updated and reviewed there. Now everything have to be sent by ourselves, traced and reviewed by ourselves.

Many problems surfaced since the system broke down..

There are the untraceable investigations results, lost without trail. there are also the investigations results that were sent pre-operatively, but came back after the patient has already finished the operation.. ( i guess those investigations were not really indicated for the procedure, otherwise the surgeon would have surely waited for it) and there were those investigations that came back after we have already discharged the patient..

Everyone is getting impatience.. work gets slower and becoming less efficient. Bosses are getting angrier as things get slower as compared to previous. Housemen who are not familiar with the manual system, are getting confused and had to work much harder.

Lots of things (documents, records) from the old days where they were used manually, had to be dug up from the storage room and spread on the counter. Things have becoming really messy nowadays, as previously when we were using the computers, all the papers and documents were banished and more or less destroyed. But now, they are filling up the counter and cupboards and we don't have as much space accommodate.

though the system was really slow back then, taking ages to upload things, and sometimes when you want to save your entries, it freezes and all your entries lost; but i really missed it. I hope the hospital management would work something up soon..


Saturday, September 22, 2012

To find passion and sincerity

Salam to all readers,

It has been 2 months since i last posted anything.. i am currently in my 3rd month of housemanship. Still doing surgical posting and hoping that this posting would end pretty soon. My colleagues have been wonderful.. but there are days where i would have nightmares, not being able to sleep properly at night and jumping out of bed early in the morning to get to work ,  not because i am excited to go to work but because i am nervous and worried.. these usually happens when a certain specialist is oncall.. on those days , going through the morning rounds would feel like entering a battlefield. I have to prepared mentally and physically. Prepared for his abuse..

I heard that when he is in OT he is worst. I have never been into his ot yet and i am grateful , alhamdulillah. There was once the possibility of me becoming endangered, but my kind MOs picked another houseman who is a male and much2 stronger than me to assist the specialist.. I am thankful..

With that kind of working environment, it is very hard to find passion in what I am doing.. and i find it difficult to be sincere too.. i get annoyed easily nowadays.. it's hard to keep yourself to be attentive to patients when the people around you are also feeling the same way as you do, annoyed.. a lot of times i have to remind myself that I need to be sincere in my heart when attending patients..

I wish that i could finish this posting soon.. i still have my midposting assessment, logbook to fill up and finally , end of posting assessment before i could leave this posting.. may Allah ease.. inshaAllah

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

First Poster

In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious The Mosterciful..

Only to Allah I lay upon my worries, my sorrows. Only He truly understands the content of my heart and only He truly listens.

While driving my car back from kl to temerloh this morning, my favourite song by native deen was on my car music player. It has been a long time since I last listen to this song, and listening to it as I drove nearer to the hospital makes me.feel totally helpless in this life. But only by believing in Him, gives me the strength to carry on this journey.

" when they ask about Me (oh muhammad), my servants I am near. Have no doubts about Me, and know I hear your prayer. Take one step towards me and I'll come running to you."

Being a first poster (meaning you are currently doing your first posting as houseman) is tough. You go to work everyday feeling really blurry about what you are supposed to do that day and feeling really anxious and scared at the same time thinking if you can manage to do your work properly without looking too blur to your disadvantage.

In the working world, in order for you to be able to survive you have to forget all you comfort zones. You have to have thick face and you have to have temporary amnesia but however still manage to recall everything about your patients. The above skills are required because having temporary amnesia and thick face will help you to endure all kind of scoldings from your superior. No matter how hard you got scolded you just need to swallow them down, hard and continue your work as if nothing has happened.


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Humbled and thankful

In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious The Most Merciful

As the title implies, today I want to share with all readers of my blog, why I feel so thankful and humbled..

Being youngsters, we like to complaint and whine.. So, the other day as I was complaining to my aunt about how difficult it is working flexi hours, how the day offs are so short and etc..etc.. She asked me did i get any leave for the raya holiday? And i said i did.. i actually got 5 days off for the raya. But eversince i started working 2 months ago that's the only holiday i've forten so far.. She said that i am very lucky because when she was a houseman she didn't get any leave at all for the raya and she had ro on-call every other day.. At that moment something hits me.. how can i still be complaining when i'm in much, much better situations than 20 years ago.. Nowadays we have all sorts of technologies to help make our work more efficient, to help reduce our workload.. but why are we still complaining..? I guess the young generation nowadays (that would include me:p) are lacking stamina and independence.. we are born in the days of technologies where everything has been done for us. It's easy to take things for granted.. When I listen to the hardships that my aunt and uncle went through when they were doing housemanship, i realised what i'm going through is incomparable to their experiences. Thus, I am humbled and thankful.. I hope I could gain as much experience that I could throughout my housemanship. I pray to Allah to give me the strength and perseverance that I badly needed to help me become a better person and a better doctor, for my ummah.. InshaAllah..

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Should a 13 year-old drive?

In the name of Allah The Most Gracious The Most Merciful

I've been working in the surgical department for about a month now and the numbers of motor vehicle accident really puzzles me.

Almost everyday we'll get patients coming in for MVA and the number increases more the closer we get to eidulfitri.

Yesterday, there was this 13 year old boy who was admitted due to rib fractures. He does not have a license and he was driving a motorbike when he got involved in the accident.

When I was helping my colleague adjusting his chest tube, his relative came in and asked about his condition. I told him that he is stable. And after that I couldn't restrain myself and ask the boy whether he has any driving licence or not when the truth is everybody knows that a 13 year old couldnt possibly has one because the law says you have to be at least 15 years old to obtain a motorbike licence. That question was only to make a point to the relative that allowing this boy to ride a motorbike when he does not have a licence is very irresponsible.

That boy is very lucky that all he gets is broken ribs. Imagine if his skull fractured, or he has bleeding in his brain or his spine got injured and he will be bedbound for the rest of his life?

From an active person, for just one irresponsible act he might not be able to fulfill his childhood dreams?

I've seen a patient who was involved in a motor vehicle accident and he is now bedbound, unable to speak and move and has to rely on other people to feed him and change his pampers. He is only 19 years old.

Eventhough maybe the situation of these two people are different, but I hope that people could see the consequences of their acts and start becoming more responsible in their life. When you are being reckless on the road, you are not putting yourself alone in danger but also the other road users.

Yes, accident happens. But we can prevent it..

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