Sunday, June 30, 2013

1 year of housemanship

Alhamdulillah..all praise be to Allah for I am now entering my 2nd year of housemanship.
I've completed training in 3 postings so far; surgery, o&g n medical.

I've liked o&gn medical.
They both have their own bittersweet memories.

O&G provides me with all sorts of drama during my 4 months there.
I feel so blessed to be able to see newborn babies greet the world with their loud cries. Seeing the tears of joy of the mothers and the wide, proud smiles of the fathers.
I have also been in situations where i have to break the news to mothers whose baby need to be admitted into the NICU for observation. I have also been in a situation where my specialist had to break the news to a mother that her first baby had died.

Medical taught me to really work up my mind as a doctor.
As housemen we have to clerk patients and come up with diagnosis n identify other issues that the patient have and plan our management to tackle those issues.
In medical the MOs and specialists are nice and sometimes you could discuss about patients' management with your superiors without fear unlike in other departments where housemen were deemed invinsible and unimportant.
I love that about medical.

1 year as a houseman has really taught me a lot but i think i've learnt the most from the medical department.

 My next stop would be paediatics.

I've heard all about the taunting horros of paeds.
Im trying to keep my mind positive until 2nd of july which would be my first day.
It's back to tagger's life again.. Oooh

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