Saturday, June 30, 2012

Tarbiyyah of young doctors..


Through out my five years in medical school, I've always been involved with halaqah and usrah, or some called it their 'happy circle'.

The friends that I have in this happy circle are the friends with whom I went through all the bitterness, sweetness and sourness of my journey in medical school. They are my friends, my mentors, my sisters, my family.

In this happy circle, we shared about our common interest, our knowledge and our love for our religion, the prophet Muhammad s.a.w and above all, we shared our love for our Creator.

Through this circle, we gained our strength when we face hardships and by supporting each other, we are able to strengthened our ukhuwwah.

When medical school ends, we were posted to different hospitals. Some of my friends are posted together, Alhamdulillah. And I was also posted with two of my best friends. Uhibbukuma fi sabillillah!

I've just sent out an email to one of my murobbi who was in charged of all of us when we were still studying regarding on where all of us would be posted.

I am hoping that, even though everyone of my friends are busy and are having a hard time working as housemen in hospitals around the country, they would never forget the kind of sweetness, warmth, strength, love and wisdom that they've received from our happy circle. I hope that they would always remember and cherish them.

I sincerely hope that my friends would always seek to stay in this circle no matter what because they realise that being in this circle is what makes them special. They are special in the eyes of other people, and more importantly they are special in the eyes of Allah.

For my dear friends, work hard with all your might and sincerity. And remember when time gets rough, Allah has always been by your side. Seek Him in your prayers and seek Him in your friends. And I will always be praying for all of us. InshaAllah..

Why go to induction?


So, you've received the letter huh?

Congratulations for getting hired by the government and choosing to serve your country and your community!

So, why go to induction?

I ask myself the very same question when I have to pack up.

But after 4 days and 3 nights there, I realised that going to induction has a few important aspects that all housemen must take note of.


During the induction, you will be told where you will be posted to. This is the most important and most anticipated moment during the induction. Most would get the hospitals of their choice. Some who are the unlucky ones would be posted to hospitals that they didn't even apply for. Well, don't worry! You can appeal to the the ministry on the very same day and ask to be relocated to the hospital that you wanted.
But, mind you. If you are asking to be relocated to 'hot' hospitals especially inside of Klang Valley, it would be very difficult for your application to be approved. If you want apply for outside of Klang Valley, the chances that your application would be approved is high. And, if you applied to Sabah and Sarawak, you will definitely get it, no questions asked. (p/s: the incentives and allowances you'll receive if you go to Sabah Sarawak are higher too!)

A friend of mine, was initially assigned to HKL. But she decided to ask to be relocated to Hospital Temerloh and she got it. But another friend of mine, wanted to change her application from Johor to Kuala Lumpur. Her reason was because her husband is staying in Bintulu, Sarawak and it would be easier to commute from KL to Bintulu. But she didn't get HKL but instead the ministry sent her to Kuching.

Well, like I said the ministry would be very happy to send you anywhere except in the Klang Valley area.

We received our posting letters at 12 midnight of the first day we were there. And for those who appealed, they received their result on the last day of induction.


During the induction you would be briefed about the job, how much you would be payed for, how many holidays you are entitled to per year and how you would get promoted in this line of work.

You would also be briefed about the expectations on housemen, so that you could prepare yourself mentally and physically before you would really work.


During these 4 days and 3 nights, you would stay in luxurious hotel and served with delicious meals 6 times per day and do nothing else except sit down, listen and relax.


At the end of the induction period, there would be a test regarding everything that you've learned in all the talks so pay attention!

Throughout the induction, you will be evaluated and 50% overall marks is required to pass the induction.

Be punctual for all the seminars and talks. Tardiness is unacceptable. You are a government servant now..!

Make sure you bring along a pair of batik attire to be worn on thursday.

Make sure on the day that you arrive, you are properly dressed in formal attire. If the journey from your hometown to the induction place is long, you can wear casual attire but change before you register for induction.

And, don't forget to bring along black pens because as a government servant you are required to write every formal documents in black ink.

After the induction, there are 1 or 2 days of holiday (depending on where you will be posted, Kelantan, Kedah etc starts on Sunday) for you to pack up your things, say goodbye to families, find rental houses near the hospital, check out the location of the hospital and prepare for your first day.

Don't be late for your first day!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Fiqh Perubatan Islam


For those freshly graduated from medical school and currently have nothing much to do as you awaits for the letter from the ministry, why not fill up all those free time by gathering up useful and important knowledge through reading?

Yeah, I know that some of you might say, "Oh Gosh, I've spent the last 5 years reading and now when I finally have a long vacation you are asking me to read some more?!"

Well, that's how I've felt too. But I realise that this precious leisure time won't be coming around again and this is the perfect moment to update and upgrade myself.

So, for the beginning I would suggest reading this book

this book contains all the knowledge that you need to know to assist you in dealing with muslim patients, and also assisting them to continue practicing their faith even when they are sick.

Saturday, June 23, 2012



Alhamdulillah.. after 3 months of waiting for the letter of induction, it finally arrives just last week.

A few weeks before that, we received an offer letter from the ministry for the job; Medical Officer Grade UD 41.

I, with some of my batch mates will be starting our fist day as a government servant in health services next week, InshaAllah on the 26th of June 2012.

My induction place would be in Kelantan.. (so far away, but so excited to visit the place again!)

The induction would be for 4 days and we would stay in a resort. All accommodations payed for!

We would be informed about out hospital placement during our induction. Some said on our first day, others said on our last day.

After our induction, we would be going back to our hometown for a couple of days, get packing and off we'll go to our fated hospitals, to begin the next step of our journey as a young doctor.

p/s: A little bit excited and a little bit nervous to start working. Gotta revise a lot more before work starts because all that holidays have definitely freezes up my brain!



Alhamdulillah! All praises belonged to Allah s.w.t. He has granted me the best gift I've received yet so far in my life, apart from the gift of Iman and Islam and my family, which is a degree with my name on it, with a title in front of my name. I am a doctor. A new, young and aspiring doctor. InshaAllah, a Muslimah doctor.

It has been 3 months since I heard my name being called by our great Dean during that unforgettable day.

I can still remember the coldness of my friends' hands as we hold each other tightly, almost gripping each fingers numb as we wait for the results to come out. For our names to be announced. My study group and I sat there in the auditorium, holding hands and reciting prayers in our hearts, calling out for our Creator for His mercy on that fateful day.

And when finally our Dean announced our names one by one, it was an indescribable moment with mixture of happiness, gratefulness and also sadness. Sad for the 14 of us, whom Allah still want to test them a little bit more, perhaps in my opinion to teach them a leeeetle bit more about patience, endurance and to let them be loved longer by our lecturers.

For my 14 post-date friends, don't worry you will soon be induced to deliver. Just maintain your stamina and keep on being positive and working hard. InshaAllah, you will be rewarded.

And for the rest of us, as my beloved mentor Prof Harlina put it, has been successfully delivered after 5 years of pregnancy in medical school and after each trimesters which were marked by three PPD camps; with a thriving Apgar score of 9 in 1 minute and 10 in 5 minutes with gladly to say; no complications. Alhamdulillah..!

And the journey of a young and aspiring Muslimah doctor begins here.. =)